Inn Sitters OnCall, LLC…Your Best Solution

We are John Lang and Catherine Lamb. As a team, we have more than sixty years of combined experience in management, marketing, sales and finances. Along the way, we also learned how to cook! We can keep your business open and see that your inn and its staff are managed with sensitivity and attention to every detail.

We were recently visiting with a couple about interim innkeeping. Not knowing us, one noted, “You must have culinary backgrounds.” We assured them that we can cook. However, they didn’t realize that there is much more to running a successful bed and breakfast than just serving breakfast.

We will not attempt to be you, but we will see that your guests are glad they stayed at your inn – even if they missed you! Years ago, we learned the importance of “making the sale.” We know how to land that prospective guest – on the phone or by e-mail, and we can manage your reservation system to assure you don’t miss any future guests.

While caring for your inn, you can count on us to provide you with:

We are officially retired and had seriously looked into purchasing a B&B. Then we heard about interim innkeeping and decided that was a great option for us. We accept long or short-term assignments and travel anywhere in the US or English-speaking countries.

On a personal note, we both lost our spouses and met each other on We share the same work ethic, the desire to build on what we learned in our careers and a love of travel. Moreover, we both grew up on dairy farms here in the Midwest.

So, when you want, or need to get away, leave it to us and rest assured that your inn will be in good hands.