Keeping Makeup off Your White Towels

The trade show at PAII was small enough that you had a chance to get to know some of the other exhibitors.  InnStyle is a GE DIGITAL CAMERAhospitality supply company.  They had a booth next to us.  Along with their beds, linens and bathroom supplies, I noticed small black towels with “Facial Wipe” embroidered on the them.

I asked Lewis Sternthal of InnStyle about their towels.  He said the towels are very popular and I can see why.  We shadowed the innkeepers at a B&B where we will be working this summer, who provide prepackaged towelettes and ask their guests to use these to remove makeup.  I think these little towels would be an elegant and cost effective way for innkeepers to increase the probability that their big fluffy towels will stay free of stains for longer.

John Lang

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