Getting the Extra Sale at a Texas B&B


Texas White House Bed & Breakfast, Fort Worth, TX

While in Dallas, Texas, escaping the Wisconsin winter, we have been visiting some of the Bed and Breakfasts in the area. One that stands out is the Texas White House in Fort Worth. A long established B and B, Cindy & Javier Lucio purchased it almost two years ago. Cindy is an artist and chef and Javier is an architect.

The house is a century old and sits on four lots. The yard is beautifully manicured and can nicely accommodate weddings and social events. They invite artists to display paintings in their B and B. The paintings decorate the house and they are for sale.

Cindy had guests coming that afternoon so she was busy and we didn’t want take up her time, but she did show us the yard and the two suites in their carriage house. One is handicapped accessible. While we were there, a gentleman called to make a reservation. She asked if there is a special occasion. He said no, it is just a getaway for his wife and him. After a couple of minutes of pleasant conversation, Cindy converted his planned overnight stay into a two night stay!

Up selling is an example of what a trained innsitter can do. You need people who know how to meet the public, make guest feel especially welcome and perhaps convert that overnight stay into two nights.

On an unrelated note: I am an Iowa farm boy and Dallas amazes me. Some gazillionaire lives in a replica of the other White House. A few blocks from Ross Perot’s estate, it is in an area of Dallas where you see more Bentley’s than Ford’s. In that part of town, when someone buys a place, they tear down the old mansion (who wants to live in a 20 year old relic) and build a new, bigger one. Such is life in Dallas, Texas.

John Langn

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