Taos, the Touchstone Inn and the Pot Creek String Band

Taos resident Kit Carson, about 1860

Taos resident Kit Carson, about 1860

Catherine and I enjoyed maybe one or two relatively mild days during our stay in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Most days the temperature was in the high twenties to low thirties and the local population was freezing. We would tell them we brought the cold weather with us and brag that we were from Wisconsin and this weather was warm by our winter standards.

Taos shut us up! It snowed the entire time we were there. Taos is a destination town, but because of the snow, we missed much of it. However, we did visited the three room adobe house where Kit Carson lived and raised seven of his eight surviving children with his third wife. Carson lived a remarkable life. His real life was every bit as interesting as the dime novels written about him.  He disliked those novels.

The Pot Creek String Band

The Pot Creek String Band

One evening we went to Eske’s Brew Pub and Eatery to listen to the Pot Creek String Band. They specialize in “old time mountain music”.   They were fun to listen to and we visited with two of their members. One of them is a retired college professor and the other is a retired Episcopal priest. They are delightful gentlemen. Such is Taos!

When I called Bren Price at the Touchstone Inn, she warned me that the snow in her driveway was about a foot deep. By then I had regained my Wisconsin swagger. I assured her that I could drive in snow and Catherine’s Jeep Cherokee had four-wheel drive. Luckily, the jeep didn’t fail me!

The Touchstone Inn is a historic home once owned by Tony Luhan before he married Mabel Dodge Luhan, the wealthy eastern socialite turned long-time Taos resident and art patron. Many of the luminaries of the art world in the first half of the twentieth century stayed at the house.

Bren, herself an artist, has owned the Touchstone Inn for thirty years. Her paintings are on display throughout the inn and every inch of the inn represents her decorating taste.

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