Our Michigan Adventure

Entry to Muskegon Harbor

The Entry to Muskegon Harbor

On Wednesday before Memorial Day Weekend, Catherine said, “Let’s have an adventure. Let’s take the ferry to Michigan and visit B&B’s.” So we did! On Saturday we took the Lake Express High Speed Ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon. The lake was glassy smooth.

We ate at a nice Italian restaurant in Muskegon. We make it a point to eat at the bar and visit with whoever we meet. The bartender suggested a drink made with equal parts locally distilled Coppercraft Gin, citrus infused simple syrup with orange zest floating on top. We sure hope Coppercraft expands its distribution area to Wisconsin. We enjoyed dinner and visited with a man whose family owned a resort on White Lake during the 1950’s and 1960’s. He gave us a great historical picture of the area.

We stopped at several wonderful B&B’s on Sunday as we worked our way south to go home. Three stood out in our minds. Vic and Anna Van Deventer’s Baert Baron Mansion in Zeeland was the first. It is a Victorian wonderland. I consider myself a handyman, but Vic has me beat. He has refinished the B&B’s ornate Victorian furniture and done a magnificent job remodeling spaces and adding elegant bathrooms to the rooms. Anna stenciled the walls and ceilings. Paying guests arrived as we were getting ready to leave. They were as impressed with the B&B as we were.

Another place that stood out to us was the Belvedere Inn and Restaurant outside of Saugetuck.   We caught co-owner Shaun Glynn working outside. This magnificent house was built by a Chicago industrialist in 1913. It served some less glamorous roles before being converted into a Bed and Breakfast. Shaun is Irish and was hired to come to America to work in the restaurants of Chicago’s Conrad Hilton Hotel. Shaun gave us a tour of this grand house of a bygone era. In addition to serving breakfast to his guests, he serves two seating for dinner each evening during the summer.

Our last stop before we made our mad dash home to Madison was Mike and Patty Kirsch’s Seymour House on the Blue Star Highway outside of South Haven. We also caught Mike working outdoors, but he was gracious enough to interrupt his work to visit with us. Their house was built by William Seymour in 1862. He was a lumber baron whose family included peach farmers and bankers. Sometime in the estate’s past, a log cabin was moved there and is available for rent. Mike told us about a wedding at the house for a “made of money” Chicago Board of Trade member. The bride’s maid’s dresses were too tight and kept popping seams in interesting places at inopportune times. Patty kept busy sewing them back together.

Good people, nice weather. We enjoyed our adventure.

John Lang


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