Catherine’s Little Lambs

Lamb 1We were visiting Soldier’s Park on one of the bluffs overlooking Red Wing, MN and spotted some activity in the grass. As we investigated the situation, we found two, apparently lost, lambs. They appeared to be alone and we could not find any parents or family. My Gosh! It took some time for them to warm up to us, but they did and came back to the Round Barn Farm with us.

They decided that they could not stay at the Round Barn Farm because they are afraid of Blaze, the cat. And rightfully so, she regularly hunts small animals and sometimes even stays out all night on her hunting trips. The lambs have decided to come home with us and we have officially adopted them!

Their names are Sam (L) and Andy (R). They are looking forward to going to the Olcott House in Duluth, MN with us, as they have never seen Lake Superior or a working port. More to come…

Catherine Lamb

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