The light in the entry

Orientation for a new inn sitting job at a B&B is a demanding experience. “The devil is in the detail” is no joke. We are taking responsibility for the owner’s livelihood and their reputation! Things happen, but a serious mistake that we should have avoided is inexcusable. A bad review would be harmful to us, but it would be devastating to them.

We have a twenty page manual we send to the inn owner in advance and then finish filling it out when we arrive. It asks questions ranging from where is the main water shut-off valve to how to handle reservation cancellations. Every inn is different and we believe there is only one right way to do things: Their Way!

After the owners have left, we continue to sweat the details: Where are the gift certificates? What needs to go with the coffee for the guests before breakfast? Where is the pie server? We are particularly sensitive to the needs and feeling of the employees. They can make us or break us. God help us if there is a cobweb in the corner of a room!

Here at the Round Barn Farm, we did call the owners. A light bulb burned out in the chandelier in the entryway. Hardly noticeable, but when everything else is perfect, guests might notice anything out of place. We could not find the light bulbs, so we called the Kleffman’s before we ran into town to buy replacements. They told us where they kept light bulbs and we replaced the offending bulb. Good thing because another light bulb was burned out this morning and we knew just where to go to find a replacement.

John Lang

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