People We have Met as Inn Sitters

I tell guests, especially guests who have never stayed at a bed and breakfast that one of the great things about their stay will be the other guests who stay there.  They are friendly, outgoing people.  I tell people that even if they are introverts, try saying hello to another guest.  You will invariably find common interests, common places and even people in common!

Looking back over our last year of inn sitting, we have welcomed many interesting, accomplished guests to the inns where we were working.  I think our most distinguished guest was Lt. Col. Thomas S. Pyle,II (US Air Force, Retired) and his wife.  Pyle was the Electronic Warfare Officer on a Wild Weasel flight over North Vietnam in 1966.  His plane was shot down and he spent six and a half years in a North Vietnamese prison.

Certainly the most heartwarming guests were Susan and Jessica.  They were separated as infants from the native Columbia and raised in different parts of the United States.  They found each other and met in person for the first time in Asheville.  We met them the same day at the Albemarle Inn.

Linda Hughes and Sherri Daley were roommates in college in Michigan in the 1960’s.  They still get together regularly and stayed at the Albermarle Inn.  They co-authored “What We Talk About When We’re Over 60”, available on Amazon.  Ms Hughes has written or co-written several other books, including “The Spark that Survived”, a memoir by Myra Lewis Williams, who married singer Jerry Lee Lewis at the age of thirteen.  Her website is

Scott Seekins was a truly interesting guest during our work at the Olcott House in Duluth.  Who you might ask is Scott Seekins? He is a Minneapolis artist who is “Famous for Being Famous”.  I would describe him as Minneapolis’ answer to Andy Warhol.  Try Goggling him at “Scott Seekins Minneapolis artist”.

We welcomed a couple from Texas to Duluth.  She was there to attend a meeting of the Democratic National Committee in Minneapolis.  They had decided to sight see in Minnesota while they were there.  We fed them rhubarb for the first time.  He said our breakfasts were things he had never tried, would never have considered trying and he liked it all!

One day, we got a call from a person who wanted a first floor room for her companion who had mobility issues.  They arrived.  He was an Israeli immigrant in his mid-seventies.  He had injured his leg while competing in a dance contest at the Minnesota State Fair.  He told us that as a young college student in Israel, he had served as a paratrooper in both the “Six Day War” and the “Yom Kippur War”.  I’m sure he has recovered by now.  His female companion, and I assume, dance partner, was somewhat younger and very attractive.

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