Siblings meet Siblings!

Sam and Andy, Catharine’s little (adopted) lambs, were excited to meet and welcome two other adopted siblingsFullSizeRender-1.  Susan and Jessica’s story is particularly heartwarming.  These two beautiful young women were separated as infants.  They were adopted from Columbia by two families – one on the east coast and one in the Midwest.  Each knew from family correspondence that the other one existed, but only recently made contact with each other.

After corresponding back and forth they decided to meet in person.  That first meeting happened in Asheville!  Catherine and I were so happy for them.  I have an adopted son who has gotten acquainted with his biological brothers and enjoys knowing them.

Sam and Andy did have a momentary existential crisis with the meeting.  They had always assumed they were the cutest siblings anywhere.  There was doubt in their minds after they met Susan and Jessica.  After a minute or two, the crisis passed and they agreed – they still are the cutest siblings anywhere.

John Lang

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