Trip Adisor’s #1 B&B in Chicago!

Welcome Inn Manor

Welcome Inn Manor

Innsitters OnCall, LLC has finally broken into the Chicago market!  And we have done it in a big way!  Trip Advisor’s number one ranked bed and breakfast in Chicago is the Welcome Inn Manor Bed and Breakfast and that is where we are going!

Actually, we first met Welcome Inn Manor innkeeper Mel and his wife,

Angie when we visited B&B’s in Chicago to introduce ourselves.  We were having trouble convincing B&B owners to even meet with us because, Chicago politics being what they are, some local politician was proposing changing property tax laws to classify B&B’s as commercial properties rather than homes for tax purposes.  Many of the owners were convinced they would soon be shutting down their B&B’s because they could not afford the huge property tax increase they would soon be facing.

Apparently, tax issues didn’t bother Mel because he invited Catherine and me to stop in, see his inn and meet his wife.  We had a great time drinking their wine and visiting with them.  We urged them to give us a call the next time they needed to get away, Mel recommended a good Italian restaurant where we had dinner and we left.

Chicago politics being what they are, the local official must have been convinced to change his mind, was bribed or killed because the Chicago B&B’s are still in business, and our wait has finally paid off.  We will be at The Welcome Inn Manor right after Election Day.

John Lang

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