The Devereaux Shields House in Natchez, MS

We were very pleased when Ron and Eleanor Fry, owners of the Devereaux Shields House hired us to manage their beautiful property while they attend a B&B convention and take a few days away from their inn.  This highly reviewed “Select Registry”, Bed and “Diamond Collection” inn is a top rated destination in Natchez, Mississippi.  We have been working here for about a week.  Catherine takes it all in stride, but I always have start-up jitters.  We know we can handle the job, but getting to know the staff, learning the specifics of the reservation system, and settling into the daily details of the business needs to happen almost immediately and without error.  Catherine takes it in stride, but I worry.

Running a bed and breakfast is not rocket science, although Ron is a retired rocket scientist.  Natchez is full of B&B’s and while the innkeepers all know each other and are friendly; they are all competing for the same set of visitors.  Ron and Eleanor pay attention to every detail to attract their share of Natchez visitors.  They are long time antique collectors and their pieces are found in every room.  Guests routinely comment on the beauty of the décor.  The six suites can accommodate up to twenty-four people.  Every suite contains two full size, queen or king size beds.   

I asked a guest why she chose to stay at the Devereaux Shields House.   She said the on-line reviews were numerous and universally outstanding.  I will say the staff is outstanding.  Robbin is an excellent cook and Freda and Trina are there to refill coffee cups before the guests can even ask. 

People stay at the Devereaux Shields House for the experience.   If you stay at even the finest hotel, you are still just one of the mob.  Here, you are special to both the innkeepers and the staff.  Here, you can travel back in time – with free wifi access and a flat screen TV, of course.  Here, you can sit down to breakfast with strangers and be great friends by the time breakfast is over.

Staying at the Devereaux Shields House is a unique and pleasant experience.  The Fry’s and their staff have nailed it and we are glad we are here.

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