Springtime at the Amethyst Inn

This year, we welcomed spring with its daffodils and tulips and flowering trees in late January and early February at the Devereaux Shields House in Natchez, Mississippi and now we are welcoming spring at the Amethyst Inn in Adamstown,  Pennsylvania.  With a little luck, we will welcome spring in Madison, Wisconsin when we get home in May.

The garden in the yard across the street.


Adamstown’s “Antiques Extravaganza” kicks off this weekend.  It is one of three “Extravaganza” held each year.  The locals will take cover while the place is swarmed with dealers and antique hunters.  We are told the April event is the biggest of the three because dealers have been collecting stuff to sell all winter.  So far, our guests this weekend include one couple who have stayed here for the spring extravaganza for the last ten years. They seem to like us! 

Another family are antique dealers from New Jersey.  They have been coming to the extravaganza for forty years and are staying with us for the first time.  They booked one of our cottages for all three Extravaganza weekends.  They were telling me horror stories about the places they have stayed in the past.  I was really excited to show them where they would be staying this weekend!  It is a major upgrade from the dumps they have stayed in in the past to fine living away from home.

John Lang

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