Wrapping up at the Amethyst Inn

Catherine and I are finishing our job at the Amethyst Inn in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, so Sam and Andy, Catherine’s little lambs, decided to throw a little party for the important people in our job.  We had a wonderful evening laughing and enjoying the evening with these friends.

Party at the Amethyst Inn

Working clockwise from me is Wendy and Christina, our housekeepers.  Behind Wendy is Tom Berman, a former owner of the Amethyst Inn.  Next to him is Stew Ireland, the new innkeeper, then Wanda Berman, a former owner, Frank Fan, representing the new Amethyst Inn owner, Alice Ireland (holding Sam and Andy), the other innkeeper and Catherine.

Stew and Alice bring a world of hospitality experience to the Amethyst Inn.  Catherine and I have showed Stew and Alice where the fuse boxes, light switches and computer are located and where the keys are hung.  There is not much more that we need to tell them.  They are set to go.

John Lang

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