Comments from our guests at the Amethyst Inn

From the Firefly Cottage Journal:

Thanks for a wonderful time at the Inn.  John & Catherine were wonderful hosts!  The food was excellent and we enjoyed the amazing and very kind service.  We will certainly come back to stay.

We felt warmly welcomed and enjoyed the hospitality and accommodations.  It was truly a blessing to stay here and look forward to return.

From Trip Advisor:

The rooms are clean and just as colorful. Named after gemstones Topaz, Garnet, and Amber to name a few. Comfortable beds, cable TV, and free internet are available. Our breakfast was very nice. A large fruit cup, coffee, orange juice, bacon, and some of the best oatmeal/blueberry pancakes I’ve ever had. Made me wish we could another night.  (John’s note:  I never go wrong serving the oatmeal/blueberry pancake recipe I picked up last year at the Inn at Old Virginia.)

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