Sam and Andy Think Oregon is Great

Sam and Andy, Catherine’s Little Lambs, haven’t traveled with us in over a year.  They claim they have been in Colorado, grazing with relatives, so we were surprised when they showed up and wanted to go with us to Oregon.

They had learned through their sources, (not ours), that a herd of deer consider the Town of Joseph to be their personal grazing territory.  We spotted the herd in the Methodist Church lawn across the street from us the day we got here.  A half dozen were grazing and another dozen were lying down under trees in the yard.

Sam and Andy were out the door and gone.  They have been hanging out with the deer for the past couple of weeks instead of helping us freshen up the landscape at the Bronze Antler.  They are back again, I suspect until there is more work to be done.  They are on a first name basis with the entire deer herd; they know most of the horses by name and many of the cows.

Now they want us to take pictures of them with all the bronze statuary in Joseph, so stay tuned.

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