World Dairy Expo!  What does that have to do with Inn Sitting?

Well, nothing!  Catherine and I don’t inn sit all the time.  In fact, we took the summer off.  I thought I would share some of what I do when we are not greeting guests or cooking them breakfast.

The Milking Shorthorn two year old cow and a few of the young men and women who judged them.  Women play a major and frankly equal role with men in the dairy production industry, today.

One thing I do is help with the National Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest held at the big dairy show at World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI, each year.  I’ve been doing it for about forty years.  This year, eighteen state universities from coast to coast sent teams of seniors to judge in this contest.  All morning, they judged twelve classes of four cows each of six different breeds on their physical conformation.  Then in the afternoon, they presented their reasons, from memory, for their placing to the official judges.  For these young people, intent on careers somewhere in the dairy industry, this is the World Series and the Super Bowl combined.  Doing well in this contest is a huge resume enhancer for them.  I enjoy doing a small part in helping kick start their careers. 

I actually go back further with World Dairy Expo.  Forty-eight years ago, right after I graduated from college, I brought some of my family’s cattle to the show.  I have been involved with it ever since.  That year, I won Grand Champion Ayrshire bull and Reserve Grand Champion Ayrshire Cow at the show.  Dad bred some nice cattle, back then.  At 93, he still likes to go to the dairy cattle shows.  My considerably younger brother has six head of cattle at the show this year.

John Lang

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