Live Music in Northwest Iowa

Live music is harder to find near the Oakwood Inn in Spirit Lake, Iowa, than it is in Madison, Wisconsin. (Rumor has it that every professor at the University of Wisconsin has a Fender Stratocaster guitar in a case under his bed and every cab driver and restaurant cook in town is a musician at night. My (retired ) personal Madison physician has a Les Paul Gibson guitar signed by Les Paul.) We did find live music at the Little Swan Lake Winery north of Esterville, Iowa.

Catherine and I snagged a couple of the last seats for the duo Dave and Ryan. We learned that they routinely attract a sold out crowd of aging Baby Boomers for their shows at the winery. The event included dinner with a main dish featuring bison meat from the buffalo also raised at the winery. We visited with a farm couple at the table next to us and enjoyed the music. Rural Iowa folks are easy to talk to.

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