Rates & Services:

As your interim innkeepers, our approach is comprehensive and tailored to your inn.  Our services include:

A bed and breakfast is all about hospitality. We cannot and will not try to be you, but we will see that your guests feel welcomed and pampered in ways they don’t experience in any other setting.  Check out guests’ comments from B&B’s in our blog and Facebook.

Management: Both of us have extensive experience with employee supervision and facility management. John recently sold his 100+-year-old Victorian home and is a very “handy man.”

Cuisine: We look forward to preparing your special recipes and providing gracious table service. We can also use our own recipes and will honor the special dietary needs of your guests.

Reservations: On-going sales are a priority. Reservations will be handled carefully and efficiently.  We have used and can quickly come up to speed on all the current major electronic reservation programs.

Accounting: John has more than twenty years of business bookkeeping experience. The books will be in order when you return as well as any other reports that you specify.

Care of Pets or Animals: We both grew up on dairy farms and know how to care for your furry friends.

Attentive Service: Your guests may want local information or maps, and we will happily respond to any requests that may arise.

CHARGES FOR SERVICES:  Rates include communication with the owners (as much or as little as they desire) to ensure quality of services.  Responsibilities include serving the guests, preparing and serving breakfast, maintaining reservations, caring for pets, bookkeeping and general management of the inn and its staff.  Every bed and breakfast is different and our rates are subject to negotiation, but they will follow these guidelines:

  1. Up to three rooms: $145 per day, plus $10 per occupied room per night.
  2. Four to nine rooms: $175 per day, plus $10 per occupied room per night or $250 per day.
  3. Ten or more rooms: Price to be determined depending on the circumstances and staffing levels.
  4. As an alternative, we can negotiate a split of room revenue.
  5. Additional charges if providing housekeeping services.
  6. Travel expenses: If driving, round trip mileage at federal tax rates from Madison, WI, to the B&B as determined by Google Maps,or flight expenses to and from the B&B.